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Quality, accurate and reliable editing of books, theses, anything (almost).

Editor and writer Sharon Moore works with writers to make sure that their work says what they want it to.

Sharon helps writers speak to their readers.

Services offered

Sharon Moore, Professional Editor and Writer

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In a word provides the following editing services, with skill, efficiency and tact:

  • Copy-editing: basically, correcting typos, spelling, grammar and sentence structure to ensure that the book or other work is readable and the meaning clear;
  • Structural editing: a review of the whole manuscript to ensure best use or placement of  chapters or sections, also writing style and narrative elements such as character and dialogue;
  • Developmental editing: detailed work like structural editing, but carried out as the writing progresses rather than at the end;
  • Proof-reading: a final review of the completed book or other work, correcting typos and pointing out issues with layout, contents list etc.


In a Word offers confident and competent editing of general and special-interest non-fiction. Sharon’s particular interests are Tasmanian, Australian and maritime history, Antarctica, social and environmental politics and anything to do with the natural environment. She specialises in editing environmental management reports and books.

Academic books, articles and theses

With a PhD in public policy, and having worked for a time in the university system, Sharon is a competent and interested editor of academic works. She enjoys working with higher degree candidates, within university guidelines, to help them produce high quality theses. She also has experience editing academic articles and books.


Reading a well-written novel is pure pleasure. And editing fiction is a particular and very rewarding challenge. While a newcomer to fiction editing, and writing, Sharon has worked with a number of fiction authors to achieve well-written, readable and very enjoyable novels.

Stellar Doctrines - Children of the Dust - by Sonja Plitt‘Having my first book finished was such a confronting and vulnerable time. It was the point where I needed to let someone else into the world I had created, so that my work could be taken to the professional standard required for publication. Working with Sharon was such a delight, as she offered the perfect balance of a gentle approach to the story, with accurate and thorough corrections in grammar, structure and typos. Asking all the right questions to facilitate important final adjustments, enabled me to have a book of which I am truly proud. Thank you Sharon. I am looking forward to working with you on my second book.’
Sonja Plitt, author of Stellar Doctrines – Children of the Dust