About the Editor

The person

Sharon Moore is an editor and writer who works with authors to create books and other works that readers love.

After many years of working for different government departments, Sharon took a leaSharon Moore, Professional Editor and Writerp into the unknown, leaving the workforce to follow her own interests. Eventually, via some time back at university, she arrived at books and writing. She now has her own business, In a Word.

‘I’ve written a lot of words – creative words, public service words, academic words – and now I help others to craft their own words into a readable, understandable whole.’

Apart from books and words, Sharon’s passion is the natural environment; she often provides her word skills without charge to organisations that aim for its conservation. Living on a farm in southern Tasmania, she cares for plants, farm animals and wildlife and loves the bush and the sea.

Her love of the natural environment is reflected in her novel, The Sea Pool.

The process

As both an editor and a writer, Sharon understands the process from both sides. As a writer, she knows the writing process, its ups and downs, and the courage it takes for writers to open up their work to scrutiny. As an editor, she looks objectively at the writing, suggesting ways to improve it,  aware of writers’ deep attachment to their work.

The experience

‘At In a Word, editing is a two-way process with the author, often involving much more than a grammar and spelling check, This is especially the case with books, as authors often don’t notice subtle problems in their own work. I draw their attention to where the story would be improved by, for example, changing the order of sections or chapters or the use of dialogue or voice.

‘I have worked with non-fiction, fiction and academic authors and editors, PhD students, government departments and community groups. Each involves a different way of working. Attention to detail, efficiency and a professional approach are essential; so are tact and sensitivity, especially with individual authors.’

Qualifications and memberships

Sharon has qualifications in editing and professional writing, law and environmental studies. Oh, and a PhD in public policy.

Member: Institute of Professional Editors, Tasmanian branch
Tasmanian Writers’ Centre