Examples of edited work

 Creative non-fiction:

Standing StrongLegless in the Garden, by Zana Abdul-Raman, Lulu 2007; autobiographical account of life with motor neurone disease.

Chocolate and Vanilla, by Wendy Alexander, 2007; personal perspective on mixed race relationships.

Feeble Fables and Fairy Tales, by Michael Buckley, Falling Upart Journal No. 5, 2006.

Standing Strong: Stories of Courage and Activism, (with Karen Brown and Tyler Jordan), Tasmanian Greens, 2011.


Pig Tails: The First Ever Guinea Pig Novel, Book 1 of the Guinea Pig Trilogy, by Merridy Pugh, merridypugh.com & guineapigempire.com, 2017.

Guinea pigs are under-rated in the intelligence department. But guinea pigs can change your life, and indeed, the course of earthly history…

Merridy discovers a surreal guinea pig underworld at the Hobart Guinea Pig Show, where she adopts the tiny pedigree Hazel and the handsome mongrel Chestnut. She has no idea that her home, her family, the island of Tasmania and indeed, Planet Earth, will in time be turned upside down by the acquisition of two ridiculous furballs with twiddly little legs.


The Volunteer, by Ro Evelyn, Heirloom Publications, 2016.


An isolated seaport in Tasmania, the local ambulance crew and one plan to destroy them both…

The Volunteer is a gripping, adventure-filled journey into finding somewhere to belong, holding on to what’s important and claiming the courage to survive.



East, by Peri Hopkins, Millenium Books, 2016.

East is poignant, gritty, funny, sad and above all: human. Hoskins’ laconic prose captures the harsh, arid country in all its big, empty beauty along with quirky exchanges with strangers, travel buddies, shop assistants, workmates, and friends old and new. A journey without and within, East taps into the spiritual realm that lies beneath this land and its people.’ E-book available on Amazon. http://amzn.to/1Ui4t9V

General interest and environmental:IceintheRigging

Ice in the Rigging: an account of Antarctic ships and expeditions, by EA Michener
Maritime Museum of Tasmania, 2015

Pitt Water Nature Reserve Management Plan, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, 2012.

From sustaining activists to activating sustainability: Forty Years of The   EnvirNew004onment Centre/Sustainable Living Tasmania, Sustainable Living Tasmania, 2012.

The Evolution Path: a study of Evolution as a spiritual belief system in its own right, by Dr Winfried Hoerr, Amazon/Kindle, and Smashwords, 2014.

Instinctive Living Self-development Book Series, by Craig W Hedge, Craig W Hedge, 2017:

Book 1: Minimalist Transformationhttps://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0767LB8R3

Book 2: The Affirmations Matrix – https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0768C5N96

Book 3: Confidence For Lifehttps://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0768LHVVV

Book 4: Gratitude Amplifiedhttps://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0768CMV93

Book 5: Instinct: Self Development Strategies for Life – https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B076NDK28K


Environmental Policy Failure: the Australian Story, eds Kate Crowley and KJ Walker, Tilde, 2012.

Minority Government: the Liberal-Green Experience in Tasmania, Kate Crowley (ed), University of Tasmania and Australasian Study of Parliament Group, 2012.                                  environmentalpolicyfailure

‘Sharon Moore provides a high quality professional editing and academic research service that was critical to the successful publication of two of my recent books Australian Environmental Policy: the Australian Story and Minority Government: the Liberal Green Experience in Tasmania. I highly recommend her for similar work and endorse her skills, dedication and professionalism, as well as her reliability and ability to meet tight deadlines.’

Associate Professor Kate Crowley
Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences
University of Tasmania


The Pen Factor writing competition. www.penfactor.com

‘Sharon Moore has been an essential and reliable editorial support for The Pen Factor; her Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 22.06.21sharp eye regularly helps polish the website’s content, while her experience and judgement continue to be a steady source of comfort. Sharon is a talented writer who has the fantastic skill to empathise with the reader’s experience. She is a treasured member of The Pen Factor team.’

Clarissa Horwood
CEO, The Pen Factor