The Sea Pool

the-sea-pool-epub-cover-2372-1779My novel, The Sea Pool, was launched by former Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown, at the Hobart Bookshop on 17th December 2015. It is published under my own imprint, In a Word.

The book is available by contacting In a Word to buy a copy direct from the author for $10 (postage extra.

With Connell missing, Iris feels her life is unravelling around her. Convinced he is lying injured somewhere, or worse, she sets out to find him. In her lonely, desperate search she confronts her own long-buried fears and obstacles. As she gradually emerges to face a new and sinister challenge, her life takes a direction she could never have imagined.agined.

Set in Tasmania and the south coast of NSW, The Sea Pool is about love and family ties, but also human greed and brutality, towards the natural world and other humans. It explores the way past events influence present states of mind, and how commitment and connection can bring strength.

Here is what one reader wrote about The Sea Pool:

Apart from being very easy to read I couldn’t put it down as I kept wanting to know what had happened;  a sure sign of a good book.  You have done a remarkable job and it is hard to believe that this is your first novel. Through my psychologist eyes I was so impressed with the multi-layered structure of the plot. What  rang true to me was, that the lives of many individuals whom I have seen over the years,  are so often shaped in exactly the way that you write, with layer upFacing the fiftieson layer of seemingly coincidental events that, despite their seeming randomness , have a compelling fateful order about them. The whole structure of the book is great and I marvel at how you must have held it in your head and then managed to get it down on paper, I’m sure a lot of hard work was involved.

Dr Peter O’Connor, author of Facing the Fifties: From Denial to Reflection.